Pearl wreath US$110

  • time to make — 2–3 weeks approximately
  • materials, shade and style suitable for your dress
  • any size and style
  • global delivery is free

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Pearl wreath, hairstyle, bridal, silver, wreath


Handmade wreath of pearls and crystals to decorate hairstyles.

Materials: pearls, crystals.

Bridal accessories of any sizes and shapes. Of the same materials, shade and style as our dresses — you will not have to choose the color and style.

Terms and conditions

    We tailor to your measurements:
  • fittings in our workshop in Moscow will guarantee perfect fit;
  • remote order with measurements made by yourself or in a standard size — adjustments with local seamstress may be required, the client is responsible for the accuracy of measurements;
  • when custom tailoring returns and exchanges are not accepted.

We work on a prepayment basis: start sewing after 50% advance payment, deliver after full payment. Payment by card or bank transfer.

Time for production is indicated approximately, depends on our workload, complexity, availability of materials.

Courier delivery all around the world via EMS is included in price. We do not control the delivery time.

The price is net of local duties and taxes that may apply outside Russia.

We could change the details upon request: cuts, sleeves, etc. We accept exclusive orders: tell us what you would like, we will consider and evaluate the work. The price depends on the complexity and materials, if you tell us your budget and deadlines, we can offer something.